Star Wars Rebellion Board Game Trailer Released

Sure, it might just be a series of stills of the new Star Wars: Rebellion game that features dialogue from the movie, but if there’s anything to be impressed about the Star Wars: Rebellion trailer released by Fantasy Flight, it’s that the miniatures used in the game sure look nice. If you’re curious about what goes down in the trailer, you can check it out below:

There’s a lot to like, even with just a quick look at the game’s contents. In the first still, you see Star Destroyers, a couple of AT-ATs roaming the board, a squadron of X-wings and TIE fighters, and even some character figurines that obviously are not to scale. There are even two! Count ’em, TWO Death Star models!!! As if the Empire can’t have enough firepower to throw around.

They showcase other components as well like the probe droids and planets cards which are presumably used to determine which planets get explored and which one contains the actual rebel base. Finally, they show off the Empire’s VIPs in the form of Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader, both of which come in cardboard stands. It’ll be interesting to see how the cardboard pieces interact with the game.

Anyway, the trailer does well in setting the stage for the game and what sort of mindset players should have coming into Star Wars: Rebellion. The game looks intense and the battles look epic. Given how strong of a reception Imperial Assault, Armada, and the X-Wing Miniatures game have gotten, this looks to be another hit.

The only thing that I didn’t like about the trailer was the music they used. It sounded a lot like something that Hans Zimmer puts out, especially with that trademark blare that’s been so ubiquitous since the release of the Inception trailer. Oh well, you can’t really have everything, I guess.

Tell us what you think about the game!