Duchess Board Game Table Kickstarter Tops $1 Million

It wasn’t that long ago that I talked about BoardGameTables.com’s offerings for gaming tables. After all, one thing that I’ve always appreciated about their tables was that they were of good quality for a not-too-outrageous price. I knew I’d get a table eventually. I just didn’t know how soon it’d be.

So when BoardGameTables launched their Kickstarter for the Duchess Gaming Table, I felt like that was the time to jump in. This table made out of rubberwood measures 3′ x 5′ which is capable of sitting 6 people comfortably. Like most gaming tables, there’s an inset measuring 2.25”, has places to hold up to 6 cupholders, and also comes with a gaming mat on the inside to facilitate gameplay. On top of that, you can order this table with a topper so that you can convert it to a dining table.

Duchess Table 1

But the thing that clinched it for me and made me back it was the price. $850 for a table with a topper? Sold.

The reason they’re even able to make it as such a low price is because they can manufacture the table in larger quantities and ship the table, unassembled, so that the end customer can put it together himself. That’s a perfectly acceptable set of conditions. So given how much I play board games, this purchase was a no-brainer and I wound up backing it. I even got approval from my fiancee for this expenditure! Talk about getting lucky.

And apparently many people thought the same thing and backed it. The Kickstarter itself has done well enough, surpassing the $1 million mark on the backs of over 1,470 supporters. Those contribution levels are impressive for any Kickstarter, but perhaps just a little more so here, given that this is a gaming accessory rather than a board game. The Kickstarter fulfillment target is slated for February 2017 and even if I make the assumption that it gets delayed by 6 months due to unforeseen events and the difficulty of fulfilling so many orders, I’ll still be fine with it. All I can say is that I’m looking forward to enjoying a rousing game of Agricola or Food Chain Magnate once I get it.

Duchess Table 3

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