Welcome to My Board Game Guides

The people behind My Board Game Guides have an insatiable appetite for board games. We love playing board games and even more than that, we love sharing games that we really enjoy with other people and bring new people into the hobby! Because of that, we decided to create a website where we can share our love of board games by helping people figure out what games they’d like to play and how to play games that they’re potentially interested in and master basic strategies.

What you will find

Like most board game sites, we’ll devote a healthy amount of time to reviewing board games. But what sets us apart is that in addition to reviews, we do overviews of various board games to help you determine whether a game is right for you. After all, reviews are opinion-driven and we feel you’d get more value if you know what games you might be interested.

On top of that, we like figuring how to win at games! So if you want to learn how to play the games we feature at a basic level and learn which strategies to pursue, we’ll show you how to do that as well. As this site continues to grow, we’ll be putting up videos teaching you those basic strategies showing how you can begin playing a game better.

Our team

My Board Game Guides is starting small, but here’s who you’ll be hearing from:

Chris Nguyen – Editor in Chief
Like most everyone else, Chris’s board game history started with stuff like Monopoly, before moving on to more advanced games like Magic: the Gathering in high school and then plunging into the depths of Dungeons and Dragons in college. After college, Chris continued to play D&D, but it wasn’t until his brother introduced him to Settlers of Catan that he fully plunged into modern board games. Since that fateful night in 2008, he’s never looked back and began scouring online for new games to try and mechanics to check out.
Gateway Game: Settlers of Catan
Favorite game: Agricola

You can follow Chris on Twitter @zzeroparticle.