Fantasy Flight’s Preview of Star Wars: Rebellion

When you combine the excitement that Star Wars: The Force Awakens has generated along with the long-running success of Star Wars board games, it’s not a surprise to see Fantasy Flight churn out more Star Wars games.

The latest one in the series is Star Wars: Rebellion, a board game that is set during the original trilogy. Players will get the chance to control characters like Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Han Solo, Princess Leia, and Emperor Palpatine. There are many iconic actions available during the course of the game taken from the movie, including building a Death Star or going down the path to become a Jedi.

In the latest preview of the game on the Fantasy Flight website, you get the chance to look at the victory conditions that each side must pursue. For the Imperials, the goal is to find the Rebel base and destroy it. So during the game, the Empire will send out probe droids to find the Rebel base and also command units like stormtroopers, Star Destroyers, and TIE fighters which will be initially located in planets you control or planets loyal to your cause.


Because of that, the Rebels’ goal will be to keep the Empire busy and prevent them from finding out where the base is located. On top of that, the Rebels can win by convincing other planets to join their cause by raising their reputation, gained from winning key battles or demonstrating leadership. So while it is difficult for any particular battle to wipe out the Empire, the Empire can still be defeated in a death by a thousand cuts as the Empire’s base of support revolts against their tyrannical rule.

That’s just the surface of what Star Wars: Rebellion will offer though. After all, the scope of this game is probably about as big as the scope for War of the Ring. We’ll see over the next few days what Fantasy Flight has in store for us to see if this game is truly worth the hype. Just keep an eye on the Fantasy Flight website for more of that information.

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