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Settlers of Catan is an interactive game that is very easy to learn for 2-4 players, but is best played with 4 players. In Catan, you’re playing as a group of colonists who have decided to settle on the island of Catan. Each turn, players will roll dice, collect resources, and trade resources with other players. Along the way, players can trade in resources to build roads to access new locations on the board, upgrade their existing settlements to fully-functional towns, and buy development cards that will give them access to special resources, point cards, or even soldiers to defend your territories.

But beware. Lurking somewhere on the board is a robber who prevents resources from being generated and allows certain players who can manipulate the robber to steal resources from other players.

Core Mechanics: Dice rolling, resource trading and management, building, area control.

Victory Condition: The first player to 10 Victory Points is the winner. Points can be obtained by expanding your settlements to cover more territory, upgrading existing settlements to towns, or getting special point cards from the development card deck. Furthermore, players can also earn points by having the longest road or the largest army (most soldier cards).

Ease of learning: Light – the game is very easy to learn and will make sense after about 5 minutes of play. This game is highly recommended as a gateway game.

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