So Clover


Are you one of those people who enjoy free-associating and eventually find a way to link two disparate concepts together? So Clover! just might be up your alley. Are you a big fan of Codenames, but aren’t a fan of the downtime when the other team is making their guesses? Then definitely look into So Clover!

So Clover! is less a competitive game than a shared activity for 2-6 players. In it, you’ll be handed a player board along with a randomized set of tiles that you place on the board. On each edge will be a pair of words that you must link together. You’ll then write that linking word on the leafy part of your player board. There will be 4 pairs of words in total for you to link together.

Then, it’s time to figure out what everyone’s board configuration is based on the linking word they used for their word pairing. And they’ll do the same to you too. Feel a sense of smugness when you’ve chosen the right word for your word pair. Squirm in agony as your friends head down the completely wrong reasoning tack. Once you or your friends have made their guess, confirm they’re correct or remove the erroneous tiles for them to guess once more before you record the score based on the number of tiles in their proper place or orientation.

So Clover! can make you feel smart if you could link something like “princess” and “desert” with something like “Nefertiti” or make you wrack your brain as you try to link something like “bus” and “violin”. But it should make for a fun time and a quick game to play while you wait for other people to show up to game day/night.

Core Mechanics: Word games, word linking.

Victory Condition: Because this is more of a cooperative game, your goal is to try to score as many points as possible by correctly guessing your teammates’ tiles the first time through.

Ease of learning: So Clover is so easy! You get words. Then you write words. Finally, you and your friends then try to guess each other’s word tile configuration. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

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