Rhino Hero: Super Battle


There’s some monkey business afoot in the new high-rise building and it’s up to our stout-hearted Rhino Hero to put a stop to it. But unlike before, he must now compete against other fellow heroes who are also looking to nab the ne’er-do-wells and bring them to justice.

Rhino Hero: Super Battle is a game for 2-4 players who are 4 years old or older. Players will be given a hand of cards where each card represents a floor arrangement. On their turn, they will choose to play one of the cards in their hand by looking at the design blueprint on the card and grabbing some wall structures that match the blueprints to add to the structure. Some blueprints require adding those mischievous monkeys as well. Either way, while they place the new addition to the building, monkeys and all, they must take care not to knock the building over.

If the construction goes without a hitch, their hero now has a chance to climb the building! Roll a die to determine how high your hero goes, but be careful since any existing denizen on that floor may challenge you to a brawl where the loser must vacate the floor and go down a level.

Core Mechanics: Stacking/Dexterity

Victory Condition: The player whose character is standing on the highest floor when the building topples over wins the game of Rhino Hero: Super Battle. But if the player who knocked it over is the player whose character is on the highest floor, then the remaining heroes share in the victory.

Ease of learning: Rhino Hero: Super Battle is positioned as a children’s game. Moreover, the ideal age range for Rhino Hero: Super Battle is for someone 5 years old or older. Because it’s geared towards kids, adults shouldn’t have any difficulties in learning the game. And teaching kids how to play is also fairly straightforward.

Playing Rhino Hero: Super Battle, as described above, is easy. The core mechanisms are pretty simple: you choose a card to be a building addition and follow the card’s instructions on how to set up that addition. Some additions may require one wall. Another may require two. Some may require that you balance a monkey on it to make it a little bit harder to set up without knocking the building over.

And once the new building addition is in place, you roll a die to see how high your hero character climbs. Remember: because the winner is the player that’s on the highest floor, you’ll want to roll as high as you can to get higher up the building. And if you climb and someone’s already there, you’ll get into a tussle and dice off to see who gets knocked down to the floor beneath. And if there’s already someone on the lower floor? Another tussle goes down and you keep the process going until there’s only one hero per floor.

Honestly, I can see two potential pitfalls for younger gamers. Firstly, they might not have the manual dexterity be able to set up their building addition without knocking the building over. I don’t consider this a huge issue because that threat of a building collapse helps to add some tension to the game and makes it more fun for them. The second issue is that there are some building floors that are harder for kids to deal with, namely the floors that require one short wall and one long wall. For those, you either need to set it up so that the kids don’t get stuck with those building floors or help guide them on how to set up those kinds of floors. Again, it’s not that difficult, and older kids can figure it out quickly. It’s just something to keep in mind when you play Rhino Hero: Super Battle with younger kids.

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