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Play cards, line ‘em up, and, if you’re unlucky enough to place the 6th card in a given row, then you’re basically forced to take all the cards and place them aside to score when the round is over. That’s 6 Nimmt! in a nutshell and not much else beyond that. There are no roles to play, no enemies to destroy, no sub-goals to keep in mind. It’s just you, the cards, and the constant threat of having to take them.

6 Nimmt! is a 2-10 player card game where each player will receive a hand of 10 cards and chooses a card from their hand to place face-down on the board. Once everyone has done so, the person who picks the lowest card to play starts by trying to fit their card in ascending numerical order on the card rows that are sitting out out there. If there are 5 cards sitting on the given row and you wind up placing the 6th card on that row, you must take all 5 cards on that row, setting it aside for the round scoring, and the card you placed becomes a new row of cards.

If the card is lower than all of the end-cards on the available rows, the person who played that card will have to choose a row and take all of the cards on that row. That person’s played card becomes the first card on the new row.

So when you play, watch out for where the cards may fall, because you want to avoid being bullheaded by taking cards with too many bull head icons on them. Well, you want to avoid taking cards period. Other players will try to play their hand in a way that will force you to take cards, so watch which rows might be threatening and try to avoid those. Or engineer your own traps if you can!

Core Mechanics: Play cards.

Victory Condition: 6 Nimmt!’s victory condition is to have the fewest points once someone has scored 66 points. If you look at the card, each card will give you a certain number of points, represented by the bull head icons on each card. Collect as few bull heads as you can and you’ll be on your way to victory!

Ease of learning: 6 Nimmt! is light. It’s a good game to bring to the table when you have a lot of board game newbies or if you’re simply looking for an appetizer game that’s just thinky enough to be engaging.

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