A Moana Deep Sea Adventure Parody Song

There be treasures that lie beneath the waves, so deep that you need a submarine to even come close to getting the treasure. The problem? You are a broke-ass dude who foolishly decides to rent a submarine with other greedy, broke-ass dudes and once your eclectic group descends and begins grabbing treasure, that’s when your shared air supply begins running out. Collect as much as you can and get back to the submarine, else risk a suffocating death. But grab the treasure you must, because that might be your only ticket out of poverty. Welcome to Deep Sea Adventure.

An adventure is an adventure, and there’s no doubt that there’s excitement to be had in Deep Sea Adventure. The palpable atmosphere this game creates is enough to get you invested in what’s going on as you press your luck onwards into the depths. The sentiments behind this excitement and occasional anxiety as you play the game is captured really well in song by ambierona, who sings a parody of the catchy Moana song, “How Far I’ll Go” to talk about her experiences playing that game. Give it a listen below!

I particularly love how well this song captures the whole push and pull that Deep Sea Adventure serves up. There’s the feeling of optimism, the feeling that in spite of past failures and drownings, this time… this time, you’ll make it and bring home those untold riches! Other lines speak to the managing of the air supply, the rolling of the dice to move (which may spell doom for those carrying too much treasure that weighs them down), the feeling of annoyance when someone’s carrying 3 treasure (and will barely move but use 3 air units in the process, threatening everyone with a suffocating doom), and the resignation you feel when you have to drop your treasure to even have a chance at surviving.

Such is Deep Sea Adventure, a game where pressing your luck is a thing, especially once chaos manifests in the form of treasure-laden fools scrambling to get back to the submarine before that last unit of air gets used up.

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